Our Bali family are always happy to help our guests.

  Each cottage has a security safe for your passport and valuables.  You will find the key to access the safe on your cottage keyring.

  When you go outside our property, please take normal precautions such as using your safe for money and passport, putting valuable larger items out of sight and locking your cottage door.

  With it’s relaxed atmosphere and holiday mood, its easy to be forget about safety in this tropical paradise.  Take care of yourself as you would in your home country, please don’t leave your common sense at home when visiting Bali.

  Balinese streets are quiet after 10pm at night, we recommend you be settled in for the evening before that, unless you are in for a late night at one of the Ubud night-spots.  Be aware that transport can be hard to find from Ubud after 10pm.

  We have staff on site 24 hours a day.  Our property is equipped with CCTV and we have Security Staff working every night with radio communication.